Cardio Workout

Cardio and skills should be performed daily. Conditioning should be performed 3-4 times per week. Most of these drills can be done without a gym or net. Do your best and if you don't reach the targets listed below, work to reach them by the end of this summer.


1.       Warm up (3 minutes) Cardio:

·         Skipping with rope

·         30 secs on both feet

·         30 secs on left foot

·         30 secs on both feet

·         30 secs on right foot

·         30 secs as low as you can go

·         30 secs as fast as you can go


2.       Stimulate the core (2 minutes) Conditioning:

·         With ball sit on floor with legs extended together

·         Lean back 45 degrees

·         Hold basketball at arms length

·         Tighten stomach

·         Turn to one side, pause, touch ball to floor

·         Turn to the other side, pause , touch ball to floor

·         Repeat 20 times on each side

·         Do 2 sets


3.       Stabilize the core (2 minutes) Conditioning:

·         With ball by your feet get into plank or push-up position

·         Forearms and elbows on floor

·         Place both feet on top of ball

·         Tighten abs and lock core

·         Hold for 30 secs

·         Do 4 sets

4.       Basketball push-ups (2 minutes) Conditioning:

·         In plank or push-up position

·         With both hands on top of ball

·         Tuck chin into chest

·         Do 5 push ups

·         Do 4 sets


5.       Stretch (2 minutes):

·         Neck

·         Arms

·         Thighs

·         Calves


6.       Defensive slides along foul line (3 minutes) Conditioning:

·         Touch each end with hand

·         25 slides in 30 seconds is great!

·         Do 3 sets


7.       Deep bend jumps (2 minutes) Conditioning:

·         Start with knees bent and finger tips touching floor at your sides

·         Jump as high as you can, raising hands to the sky

·         Repeat for 30 secs.

·         Do 2 sets

8.       Hand-eye speed ball - See the floor (2 minutes) Skills:

·         Standing straight up with ball in hand

·         Rotate ball clockwise 15 times around waist

·         Rotate ball counter-clockwise 15 times around waist

·         Repeat around calves (Keep eyes up)

·         Repeat around head


9.       Passing (5 minutes) Skills: (If you are in your house, use a soft rubber or sponge ball)

·         Stand 10 feet away from wall

·         Tighten abs and lock core

·         Chest pass the ball to a target on the wall and catch (10 reps)

·         Focus on hitting the target with power and speed

·         Repeat with left side passes, right side passes and bounce passes


10.   Mikan Drill (5 minutes) Skills: (If you are in your house, use a doorway and a soft rubber ball          or a hoop and ball from the $ store.

·         With ball, stand to one side of the basket, slightly inside the block facing the baseline

·         Jump and power the ball up for a lay up off the backboard

·         Soon as you land, jump back up and rebound the ball out of the net

·         Try to rebound the ball as high as possible

·         When you grab the ball, keep it above your head

·         Transition through the jump to the other side of the hoop

·         Repeat on the other side with the other hand

·         Continue this process 25 times on each side


11.   Perimeter Shots (10 minutes) Cardio & Skills: (Find a court or gym to get into. Ballers have to put in work.

·         Take a perimeter shot

·         Rebound shot before it hits the floor

·         Finish with a lay up

·         Follow, rebound and finish every shot with a lay up

·         Move around the outside of the key (stay within your shooting range)

·         Take 30 shots


12.   Take 5 foul shots (2 minutes) Skills:


13.   Cool down (5 minutes):

·         Easy 2 foot jump rope (3 minutes)

·         Stretch (2 minutes)